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The Australia for ASEAN (Aus4ASEAN) Digital Transformation and Future Skills initiative

The Aus4ASEAN Digital Transformation and Futures Skills initiative supports our region’s futures skills needs, response to rapid digitalisation, and long-term economic recovery. The initiative consists of vocational education and training (VET) scholarships, skills policy dialogue and technical assistance partnerships between ASEAN and Australian institutions. The program supports ASEAN’s development priorities, including the priorities outlined in the ASEAN TVET Council work plan, and the priorities identified on the Matrix of Implementation of the Manila Plan of Action.


The initiative includes:

  • a new policy dialogue between ASEAN and Australian policymakers and industry to promote information exchange and knowledge-sharing
  • 350 vocational education and training (VET) scholarships to support ASEAN policymakers and emerging leaders in government and industry to study in fields such as digital readiness, green skills, skills forecasting and new technologies in TVET
  • “train the trainer” opportunities and technical assistance partnerships between ASEAN and Australian technical and vocational educations and training (TVET) institutions and experts to further information exchange, skill sharing across the region and build the region’s longer-term future skills capacity.


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